Message from the Chairman

Message From The Chairman

Jack Min Intanate / แจ็ค มินทร์ อิงค์ธเนศ
ประธาน / Chairman

Jack Min Intanate / แจ็ค มินทร์ อิงค์ธเนศ

The Complexity of social structure together with the fast pace of technological development have changed the elements and mechanism of competition. The evolution of the digital or internet world has made the limitations of time, space, personnel, funding and many other factors, things of the past. The competition in today’s world is a competition in terms of ideas and innovations. We talk about ideas that are able to satisfy human’s unlimited needs faster and better, ideas that work. It is an economy of ideas.

In the digital era, we have seen the importance of information on the rise. It is imperative to have a systematic management of information on every aspect of customers, constantly changing environment and markets. The ability to analyse those information and turn it into knowledge and understanding is even more. These are key elements for organizations to sustain their competitiveness and potential in creating social and economic value to its stakeholders.

AR Group was established with a mission to develop information significant to create the body of knowledge, which is the foundation of our national competitiveness. We strive to constantly improving and updating our services to correspond with the changing world. This is to provide our customers with access to critical information and knowledge that would in turn become a national wisdom for which Thailand needs to stay ahead in the international arena. With the believe that a bright future can only be shaped with good and ample knowledge, AR Group will relentlessly develop and add value to pertinent information and knowledge that is indispensable to put the Thai society in the forefront of the competitive world.