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The Better Thailand Foundation

The Better Thailand Foundation was established in May 1997 by Mr. Jack Min Intanate with the key mission to organize public benefit activities. These activities were specifically designed to encourage learning among children, especially those underprivileged, in order to ready Thailand to move into a society of wisdom.

Activities carried out by the Better Thailand Foundation are based on the strong belief of its founder that it is essential to improve and properly lay the foundation of education in order to achieve the sustainable development. Therefore, the Better Thailand Foundation focuses its efforts on helping youths have as many opportunities in education as possible. Through this the Foundation open for these youth to in apply knowledge as a tool to improve their skills and capabilities and develop our country.

With regards to educational promotion, the Foundation mainly tries to take in the society of underprivileged children. The Foundation believes that in most parts of Thailand (particularly in upcountry provinces) there is a serious shortage of teaching personnel, school supplies and materials, and even school uniforms and lunches. However, this does not mean that the education system is always perfect in the seemingly perfect urban areas, but there are certain locations in the capital of the country where weaknesses in the education system are clear.

The gap of modernization between urban and rural societies has inspired the Foundation to search for possibilities to narrow the gap in educational opportunity, in order to help create a more equal education system throughout the country, which will eventually lead to a sustainable development in the future.


  • To carry out a variety of activities to promote and drive the creation of a society of wisdom in Thailand by upgrading the education for underprivileged children and juveniles; and
  • To encourage people to give importance to "education" which is a valuable and fundamental factor of development

Foundation Committee

  • Mr. Jack Min Intanate Chairman and Founder
  • Prof. Dr. Thienchai Srivichit Committee
  • Mr. Krit Kulsuppaisan Committee
  • Mr. Pathom Indarodom Committee and Manager
  • Mr. Chanchai Boonyasurakul Committee and Teasurer
  • Mrs. Sochipun Vajropala Committee and Secretary

Operational Guidelines

  • Implementing the "Center of Learning with Fun Building" project to provide leaning centers equipped with all necessary teaching and learning equipment and materials to schools and communities for research and knowledge-seeking purposes;
  • Implementing the "Card for you" project, which is a painting contest event for underprivileged and disabled children, to give them an opportunity to show their capabilities in art;
  • Carrying out activities to promote education:
    • Donation of computers and school materials to schools in rural areas;
    • Donation of books to libraries of needy schools and government agencies;
    • Provision of scholarships to poor students; and
  • Carring out activities to enhance juveniles' skills and competency, such as donation of sports equipment, as well as to facilitate underprivileged children, such as bicycle sharing at school.
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  • อาคารศูนย์การเรียนรู้
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