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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Survey

  Both public and private organization need to pay attention to employee satisfaction because it plays an important role in increasing productivity to achieve organizations’ objectives. Hence, employee satisfaction surveys provide management with the knowledge and tools to build positive employee relations and a positive work environment. It is also a key incentive for employees to increase their productivity, resulting in organizations’ success. Our corporate image service focuses on employee engagement. By allowing employees to participate, we can create more effective strategy on building corporate image.

Research design

Research method:

Both quantitative and qualitative research will be used to analyze the data and gather employees’ opinions.
Data collection method
Apply face-to-face interview, telephone interview by an interview expert, online survey for quantitative research and quantitative research, focus group, in-depth interview, group discussion, depending on each research’s objectives.


Give employees a venue for open feedback so the company will know actual employees’
        opinions about their work in the organization
Strategic recommendations on managing company’s resources
Recommendations on compensations and benefits policy so that there will be an improvement
        in employee’s satisfaction and company’s productivity
Create opportunities for employees to present their potential skills

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