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What is HotSoft 8

HotSoft 8 is a versatile and complete Property Management System suitable for all kinds of hospitality facilities — from small to large scale hotel chains. With its fully integrable modular design we can scale HotSoft 8 to suit your business requirements.

Main Features

Modular System

Save Time

Easy to Use

Affordable Price

Customize to Your Need

International Standard

Interfaces for Other Systems

24/7 Support

Graphical user interface

HotSoft 8 comprises of a main access bar which acts as a home screen with tabs and buttons that link to multiple functions and browse screens.The various functions and features within HotSoft are displayed within windows and browse screens which are accessible from the menu bars and buttons.

The Statistics window

HotSoft 8 provides a detailed breakdown of the booking statistics, displaying information about the availability and reservations by rooms and guests. Users can view between one week and a month of statistics in the window at any time.

The Occupancy screen

HotSoft 8 provides a view of the past, present and forecasted occupancy for periods of up to four weeks at a time. Users can make new reservations from this screen, park and move reservations, as well as view blocked rooms, conferences and group bookings.

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