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Position : System Engineer

Company : ARSoft

Required : 1


As a member of Technical Support Team, Technical Support Engineer will responsible for management of software architecture development and technical support for both internal and external as followings:
• Participating in development of physical design specification of the project which includes software architecture, platform, deployment, etc.
• Initiating and maintaining environments for development and test such as H/W, 3rd party S/W and Network.
• Controlling the configuration management of the project including software/document version control, and software build process.
• Participating in project implementation plan, and performing/conducting project implementation tasks such as software installation, system configuration, etc.
Evaluating new technology and applying the appropriate technology for software development process.


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, or any related fields.
• At least 1-2 years of experience in the maintenance of computer systems, Network & Server
• Experience in IT fields especially software configuration management
• Knowledge of OS such as Windows, Unix or Linux.
• Knowledge of RDBMS especially performance tuning such as Oracle and SQL Server.
• Knowledge of Web/Application Server such as JBoss and Tomcat.
• Knowledge of CMMI and SOA will be an advantage.
• Fair in written and spoken English.
• Ability to work creatively and analytically.


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